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Quotation for Cycle Shelter and Stands

Wakefield Kirkgate Station Quotation Summary

Quotation Summary

Q50/210 - Cycle Stands - £669.60 plus VAT ex works 

Q50/210A - Cycle Shelter - £3036.00 plus VAT ex works

Delivery cost for both items - £141.00 plus VAT

Installation - if required - £850.00 plus VAT

Quotation Detail

Q50/210 cycle stands

Quantity        9
Material 48 mm Grade 316 Stainless steel tube   
Finish Brushed Satin
Fix type Root fix
Height (mm) 1000 (250 below ground)
Width (mm) 750
Unit list price £93.00
Discount £18.60
Unit Nett £74.40
Section Cost   £669.60 (ex works)

 Sheffield Stand in Stainless SteelSheffield Stand Stainless Steel


Q50/210A cycle shelter

Quantity 1
Product WE10BRE Cycle Shelter without stands
Length (mm)  6060
Width (mm) 3002
Height Front (mm)  3041
Height Rear (mm) 2401
Fix Either bolt down to sub floor level padstone or root fix 
List Price £3795.00
Discount £759.00
Nett Price £3036.00 (ex works)


Welbeck 10 cycle WE10BRE

Welbeck 10 cycle WE10BRE

This is the Expert Welbeck shelter, one of our premium products. Designed and built for strength, durability, and to the BREEAM specification of 1000mm spacing between the cycle stands. (Please note that any of the Shelter Expert Shelters can be supplied to suit the BREEAM specification. Please contact us for details.)This shelter has main columns manufactured from 140mm CHS steel, with roof members manufactured from 60 x 60 strongbox square section, and is fitted with high quality 5mm pet-g UV2 to the roof panels as standard.  Cloaking strips are also standard.  

Specific features of this shelter are:-


  • This cycle shelter is supplied without cycle stands (detailed separately, see Q50/210).
  • Framework produced from steel strongbox section to EN 10219:2006
  • Expert CPA Assured Galvanising , This shelter benefits from our Expert CPA Assured Galvanising is applied to inside and outside surfaces as standard, carries a 10 year guarantee, and is a corrosion resistant zinc coating to BSEN1461
  • High quality Pet-G UV2 clear sheeting
  • Powder Coating - material to BS3900, applied in house to ensure our stringent quality control standards are maintained.
  • Cloaking  – provides an aesthetically pleasing finish to the Pet-G sheeting, and improves edge durability – a feature not usually associated with shelters so competitively priced!


For further information on any of the above items, please see our technical information pages Please note:- As our policy is one of continuous improvement, there may be minor differences between the product you receive and the images on the website. The overall appearance of the product will not be affected. The standard or the quality of the product supplied will be equal or superior to the product image on the website.

Dimensional Sales Drawing for shelter

Sales Drawing Welbeck 10 cycle shelter