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Choosing your fixing type

Orders are accepted on the assumption that the customer has selected and ordered the correct ground fixing type required.

Above ground fixing

This method of fixing is ideally suited to erecting your product onto a solid base, such as a concrete slab or individual concrete pads. Your shelter comes with above ground fix adjustable feet which are bolted to the concrete base.

Please note this method of fixing is not recommended for paving slabs or block paving, or for tarmac, and whilst we will install an above ground fix product onto these surfaces, this is under the customer’s instruction or order, and is always at the customer’s own responsibility.

Below Ground fixing

This method of fixing is recommended for areas such as grassed areas, paving slabbed or block paving areas, or gravelled surfaces etc. We will supply you with below ground fix adjustable feet that need to be concreted in to suitably excavated holes in the ground. The depth and diameter of the holes required will be governed by the  ground conditions, so we are unable to provide specific specifications, but as a general guide each adaptor will require a minimum excavation of 600mm deep and 300mm diameter. If in doubt seek professional advice. Remember that we can offer a competitive installation service in most parts of the country.