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Type of finish

You have a choice of two different types of finish for your Best Buy Smoking Shelter – CPA Assured Galavanised only, or Powder Coat only.

Galvanised Only – This provides an extremely durable finish with a corrosion resistant zinc coating to BSEN1461 that will withstand the rigours of the UK climate. The galvanising process is a hot dip process, so called because the components are dipped into a bath of molten galvanising material at approximately 450oC.

Our manufacturing process includes a careful analysis of each individual component, during which we consider and plan the optimum position for entry and drainage holes in the component, to ensure that maximum galvanising coating is applied to all internal as well as external surfaces.

The galvanising is carried out after individual component manufacture, and comes with a 10 year corrosion warranty.   It will withstand a high degree of impact damage and abrasion. This finish can be coated with normal outdoor paints following manufacturer’s recommendations if you wish to personalise your shelter.

Powder Coat Only – This is a decorative, low maintenance finish applied over the prepared mild steel surface of the components, using powder coat material to BS3900. Available in a choice of 26 colours from our standard range, with other colours available to special order (Cost supplement may apply) This applied finish is then cured at high temperature to provide a long lasting finish, and protection from the elements. This powder coating process is carried out in house to ensure compliance with our strict quality control standards.The finish will withstand moderate impact damage and abrasion.

Please note – with galvanising, that there can be a slight unevenness to the component finish where the molten galvanising material coagulates and forms “dross” or runs off the components after removal from the bath. To preserve the corrosion protection qualities of the components, only a minimum level of post galvanising fettling is carried out.

Pros and Cons


Galvanising Only


  1. Maximum corrosion protection
  2. 10 Year guarantee


  1. Can result in slight surface imperfections (please see note above)

Powder Coating Only


  1. Low maintenance decorative finish
  2. Varied colour choice
  3. Moderate corrosion and impact protection
  4. Smooth easy clean surface


  1. This option without a galvanised pre treatment may necessitate regular maintenance.If this maintenance is carried out correctly, your shelter or product will maintain its appearance for many years. (Colour matched touch up paint can be purchased from the shelter expert, or local paint supplier (quoting the RAL code), at any time.)  As this maintenance is not within our control, we cannot guarantee the long term appearance of your product if this option alone is selected. Please also note that the coating can only be applied to the external surfaces of your product, and that the internal surfaces of the product are not coated, thus some internal surface rusting may occur, and may be visible on delivery.
  2. Note - Due to the nature of the production process and the way that the individual components are mounted for the application of the powder coat material, we are unable to guarantee that all components will have 100% coverage.(Minor cosmetic  blemishes identified during the production and quality control process may be touched up with matching aerosol colour. Although this may be visible under certain conditions, it is not detrimental to the durability of your product, and will have been approved as compliant with our quality control standards). For this reason we recommend the selection of the CPA Assured galvanising to prevent corrosion occurring.