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Smoking Shelters

All our smoking shelters are manufactured for outdoor use and meet the 50% open area rule and suitable for all types of businesses and social areas. We supply to all places of work including but not limited to; factories, construction sites, offices, public buildings, pubs, restaurants and retail premises. Our `Best Buy’ smoking shelter is our best selling shelter.

Over 6 million people in the UK smoke on a regular basis, therefore, it is most likely that your business will employ members of staff or receive visitors to the premises that choose to smoke. By providing a smoking shelter you show that consideration was made for their benefit and comfort.

Smoking Shelters

The benefits of a smoking shelter for your business and premises, staff, visitors and customers
• The Weather.
A smoking shelter provides good weather protection whilst maintaining a 50% open area which is part of the UK guidelines for a smoking shelter. Keeping smokers dry and out of the worst of the UK weather can be the deciding factor between your business and a competitor.
• The Litter.
A smoking shelter & cigarette bin will provide a designated area to smoke and to discard of used cigarettes, maintaining a clean space that both smokers and non-smokers appreciate.
• The Team.
Increase employee satisfaction & morale by providing an area to make connections, socialise, and relax during their downtime.

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