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60 Cycle Bike Shelter - Salisbury Open Compound with Vented Roof SAL60OCVR

Includes Galvanised Finish Cycle Stands & Free Delivery! When purchased for above ground fixing we will also supply the ground anchors for securing on to a suitable concrete base.

This is our Expert Salisbury Open Compound with Vented Roof Cycle Shelter, this shelter is visually appealing and includes sheet joint cloaking to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to the sheet edge & joints which also improves sheet durability. Manufactured from 60mm x 60mm steel strongbox section. This unit is supplied with 5mm high quality Pet-G UV2 Roof/Back sheeting and our in house Cloaking package as standard. Your choice of either above or below ground fixing is available at no extra cost. A number of finish options allows you to match this shelter to your needs and budget.

60mm x 60mm strongbox section for the shelter framework, with options for Galvanised finish, powder coat finish, or galvanised and powder coated finish. High specification UV2 PetG sheeting is supplied as standard, available in 5mm. 

The main features of this shelter are:-

  • Framework produced from steel strongbox section to EN 10219:2006
  • Finishing options for Galvanising & Powder Coat Colour Finish
  • High quality Pet-G UV2 clear sheeting
  • Choice of above ground or below ground fixing at no extra cost
  • Free delivery to England, Wales, and Southern Scotland. 
  • Our worry free guarantee - any manufacturing or material defect will be rectified free of charge.

Why Purchase a Cycle Shelter: 

Bike Shelter for Work
Bicycle usage has steadily increased in adults since 2002 with the assistance of the cycle to work scheme. The government outlined their cycling investment strategy in 2016, aiming to double the number of trips made via bicycle by 2025, not having a cycle shelter could be the only reason your employees and visitors aren’t cycling to your business!
Saving Space! A single standard car parking space is the same size as a 10 capacity cycle shelter, combined with the knowledge that 47% of all adults currently own a bicycle; businesses can vastly improve parking capacity.

Bike Shelter for Schools
Over 3.8 million children aged 0 - 16 cycle to school on a regular basis. Whilst children aged 0 – 5 used their bikes twice as often in 2022 compared to 2021, rising from 378,000 to 750,000, these numbers show a clear desire for children of all ages to use their bikes when the facilities are there to enable it.
• 3.8 Million Children aged 0-16 Cycle to school on a regular basis
• Cycle usage in 2021 has doubled for primary school aged children, from 378,000 in 2020 to 756,000 in 2021
• 75% of secondary school aged kids live within a 15 minute cycle ride of their school
• 90% of primary school aged children live within a 15 minute cycle ride of their school

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Why buy a cycle shelter for schools?

There are several compelling reasons to buy a cycle shelter for schools:

  1. Encouraging Sustainable Transportation: Cycle shelters promote eco-friendly transportation by encouraging students and staff to cycle to school. This reduces the environmental impact of vehicles and helps in the fight against climate change.

  2. Health Benefits: Cycling is an excellent form of physical exercise that can improve the health and well-being of students. It helps them stay active, reduce the risk of obesity, and enhance cardiovascular fitness.

  3. Reduced Traffic Congestion: More students cycling to school means fewer cars on the road during drop-off and pick-up times, reducing traffic congestion and making the area around the school safer.

  4. Cost Savings: Schools can save money on transportation costs, as cycling is much cheaper than providing bus services or maintaining a large car park.

  5. Improved Safety: Providing a dedicated cycle shelter can help keep bicycles secure and protected from the weather, reducing the risk of theft and damage.

  6. Teaching Responsibility: Cyclists learn valuable lessons in responsibility and maintenance by caring for their bicycles. This fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility in students.

  7. Promoting Independence: Cycling allows students to gain independence and mobility, as they can travel to and from school without relying on their parents or school bus services.

  8. Educational Opportunities: Schools can use cycle shelters as a platform to educate students about road safety, bike maintenance, and the importance of sustainable transportation.

  9. Community Engagement: Cycle shelters can serve as a focal point for promoting community involvement and cycling events, further connecting the school to the local community.

  10. Compliance with Regulations: Some local regulations or school policies may require institutions to provide bicycle storage facilities to encourage sustainable travel.

  11. Positive Image: Schools that support cycling and other sustainable transportation options are seen as progressive and environmentally conscious, which can improve their image in the community.

  12. Long-Term Benefits: Encouraging cycling at an early age can lead to a lifelong habit of using environmentally friendly transportation methods.

In summary, cycle shelters for schools not only support sustainability and environmental goals but also offer numerous benefits for students, families, and the broader community in terms of health, safety, and cost savings.


Why buy a cycle shelter for work?

Purchasing a cycle shelter for a workplace, such as an office, factory, or business, offers various advantages:

  1. Promoting Sustainable Transportation: Encouraging employees to cycle to work reduces the environmental impact of commuting, contributing to sustainability goals and decreasing carbon emissions.

  2. Health and Well-being: Cycling is an excellent form of exercise that promotes physical fitness and mental well-being among employees. Encouraging cycling can lead to healthier, more active employees.

  3. Cost Savings: Providing cycle shelters can reduce the demand for parking spaces, saving money on construction and maintenance. It also lowers the need for car parking facilities, which can be expensive and space-consuming.

  4. Reduced Traffic Congestion: Encouraging cycling to work reduces the number of cars on the road, which can help alleviate traffic congestion in the vicinity of the workplace.

  5. Employee Productivity: Employees who cycle to work often report increased energy levels, improved focus, and reduced stress, which can enhance overall productivity.

  6. Positive Corporate Image: Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and the well-being of employees can enhance the company's image, making it an attractive place to work for environmentally conscious individuals.

  7. Employee Retention and Attraction: Providing cycle shelters can be an appealing employee benefit, aiding in the retention of current staff and attracting new talent.

  8. Regulatory Compliance: In some areas, local regulations or government incentives may require or encourage companies to provide bicycle storage facilities as part of their environmental or transportation policies.

  9. Reduced Parking Pressure: Having more employees cycling to work can ease the strain on parking facilities, making it easier for those who need to drive to find a parking space.

  10. Space Utilization: Cycle shelters make efficient use of available space, especially in areas where land or property costs are high.

  11. Safety and Security: Providing a designated area for bike storage can enhance the safety and security of employees' bicycles, reducing the risk of theft or damage.

  12. Employee Well-being Programs: Cycle shelters can be part of a broader wellness program, encouraging healthy lifestyles among employees.

  13. Flexibility and Convenience: Offering cycling options provides employees with an alternative and flexible mode of transportation, especially in urban areas with traffic congestion.

In summary, investing in cycle shelters for the workplace aligns with sustainability goals, promotes employee health and well-being, and can positively impact the corporate image and culture. It also has practical benefits, including cost savings and reduced traffic congestion.

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