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Covered Walkways and Canopies - Heavy Duty System

The Shelter Expert covered walkways and canopies are available in four structural systems. 

Please Note:- all covered walkways and canopies are price on application only.

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  • Heavy Duty system with curved roof, Clear Pet-g sheeting, used as a fuel bund cover
  • Heavy Duty system with curved roof
  • Heavy Duty system with Mono Pitch roof, Clear Pet-g sheeting, with additional feature of design to match curved pathway
  • Heavy Duty system with Mono Pitch roof, Clear Pet-g sheeting, with additional features of square support posts, curve roof profile, square rear eaves beam, sidewalls, and central partition wall
  • Heavy Duty Canopy and Walkway System
  • Heavy Duty Canopy and Walkway System

The Expert Heavy Duty Covered Walkway and Canopy system is ideal for when quality and robust design are primary considerations. The Heavy Duty system is manufactured with 114 CHS steel support posts and eaves beams, 120 x 60 RHS strongbox section for the main rafters, and 60 x 60 SHS strongbox section intermediate roof members.(View section details for all systems) , and is available with a choice of either 5mm high quality Pet-G UV2 or 10m twinwall polycarbonate roof sheeting, with tailored options for steel section upgrades, sidewalls, solar lighting, guttering etc, together with a choice of finish (either galvanised only or galvanised and powder coated), allows you to match this shelter to your needs and budget. (View price comparison table for all systems) Your choice of either above or below ground fixing is available at no extra cost.Our covered walkway and canopy ranges can only be purchased through our sales department. Please call Steve or Mike on 01623 442543 to discuss your requirements, or send an enquiry by our contact form (Please include details of your preferred covered walkway or canopy system and roof style).

The main features of this shelter are:-

  • Framework produced from steel strongbox section to EN 10219:2006
  • Expert CPA Assured Galvanising  – our Expert CPA Assured Galvanising is applied to inside and outside surfaces as standard, carries a 10 year guarantee, and is a corrosion resistant zinc coating to BSEN1461
  • High quality Pet-G UV2 clear sheeting or 10mm twinwall polycarbonate sheeting
  • Powder Coating (where applicable) material to BS3900, applied in house to ensure our stringent quality control standards are maintained.

Additional standard benefits of our range include:-

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