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Welbeck single

Here at the Shelter Expert we manufacture a comprehensive range of cycle storage shelter solutions, including open bike shelters and lockable bike shelters to suit all budgets and bike storage capacities.

This is the Welbeck Single Sided Cycle Shelter which is available in various standard bike parking capacities covering 10nr bike parking, 20nr bike parking, & 28nr bike parking.

The Welbeck Range also includes Double Sided Cycle Shelters.

Bike Shelter for Work
1.Bicycle usage has steadily increased in adults since 2002 with the assistance of the cycle to work scheme. The government outlined their cycling investment strategy in 2016 aiming to double the number of trips made via bicycle by 2025, not having a cycle shelter could be the only reason your employees and visitors aren’t cycling to your business!
2. Positive Corporate Image: Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and the well-being of employees can enhance the company's image, making it an attractive place to work for environmentally conscious individuals.
3. Saving Space! A single standard car parking space is the same size as a 10 capacity cycle shelter, combined with the knowledge that 47% of all adults currently own a bicycle; businesses can vastly improve parking capacity.
4. Employee Productivity: Employees who cycle to work often report increased energy levels, improved focus, and reduced stress, which can enhance overall productivity.

Bike Shelter for Schools
1.Encouraging Sustainable Transportation: Cycle shelters promote eco-friendly transportation by encouraging students and staff to cycle to school. This reduces the environmental impact of vehicles and helps in the fight against climate change.
2.Health Benefits: Cycling is an excellent form of physical exercise that can improve the health and well-being of students. It helps them stay active, reduce the risk of obesity, and enhance cardiovascular fitness.
3.Reduced Traffic Congestion: More students cycling to school means fewer cars on the road during drop-off and pick-up times, reducing traffic congestion and making the area around the school safer.
4.Improved Safety: Providing a dedicated cycle shelter can help keep bicycles secure and protected from the weather, reducing the risk of theft and damage.

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