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Ridings range

Here at the Shelter Expert we manufacture a comprehensive range of cycle storage shelter solutions, including open bike shelters and lockable bike shelters to suit all budgets and bike storage capacities.

In this range we offer shelter types: Single Sided Cycle Shelters & Double Sided Cycle Shelters.

The Single Sided shelter type includes standard bike parking shelters for 10nr bike parking, 14nr bike parking, 20nr bike parking, 24nr bike parking & 30nr bike parking. The Double Sided shelter design means these quantities are doubled for a greater storage capacity.

Bike Shelter for Work

Bicycle usage has steadily increased in adults since 2002 with the assistance of the cycle to work scheme. The government outlined their cycling investment strategy in 2016, aiming to double the number of trips made via bicycle by 2025, not having a cycle shelter could be the only reason your employees and visitors aren’t cycling to your business!
Saving Space! A single standard car parking space is the same size as a 10 capacity cycle shelter, combined with the knowledge that 47% of all adults currently own a bicycle; businesses can vastly improve parking capacity.

Bike Shelter for Schools

Over 3.8 million children aged 0 - 16 cycle to school on a regular basis. Whilst children aged 0 – 5 used their bikes twice as often in 2022 compared to 2021, rising from 378,000 to 750,000, these numbers show a clear desire for children of all ages to use their bikes when the facilities are there to enable it.

• 3.8 Million Children aged 0-16 Cycle to school on a regular basis
• Cycle usage in 2021 has doubled for primary school aged children, from 378,000 in 2020 to 756,000 in 2021
• 75% of secondary school aged kids live within a 15 minute cycle ride of their school
• 90% of primary school aged children live within a 15 minute cycle ride of their school

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