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Cloaking Fact Sheet

Pros and cons

Including cloaking

  • pros
    1. The cloaking provides and aesthetically pleasing finish to the sheet edge/join.
    2. The cloaking improves the sheet edge/joint durability.
    3. The cloaking parts are colour matched to the shelter framework.
    4. The weather protection of the shelter is improved  (please note that the shelters are not designed as fully watertight structures, either with or without cloaking)
  • cons
    1. Increases cost of shelter

Excluding cloaking

  • pros
    1. Cost saving on the shelter.
  • cons
    1. The sheet edge is visible.
    2. The sheet edge can be vulnerable to malicious attack.
    3. The fluctuation in ambient temperatures can result in a slight rippling of the sheeting edge in between the fixings.

Summary - in our opinion

Shelter Expert units supplied, either with or without cloaking, will provide an outstanding service life and durability. The cloaking is primarily an aesthetic benefit, and has no negative impact on the use or functionality of the shelter. It will slightly improve the weather protection characteristics of the shelter. (please note that shelters are not designed as completely watertight “indoor” structures, and that slight water ingress may occur under certain climatic conditions. The shelters are designed to allow air flow through them

The vast majority of product supplied in the UK is supplied without cloaking.

Cloaking can be easily purchased and installed as an aftermarket accessory if desired, but it is obviously more cost effective to order this at the same time as you order your shelter.

A number of our premium products are supplied with cloaking as standard, while other products have the option to purchase this with your shelter.