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BREEAM specification guidance in relation to the BREEAM rating of a building  

Note that the entire Shelter Expert cycle shelter range can be supplied as BREEAM 2008 or 2011 compliant - View our range of Cycle Shelters

Compliant cyclist facilities are part of the rating calculation for a buildings overall BREEAM rating. The cyclist facilities are part of the transport section of the BREEAM assessment, which has a total credits available of 9. Of these 9 credits, 2 are available for fully compliant cyclist facilities. These 2 credits, as a percentage of the overall section credits achieved, have a section weighting multiplier of 0.08. This means that if both credits are achieved (2/9ths or 22.2% of the total available for the transport section), the application of the section weighting multiplier means that fully compliant cyclist facilities will contribute 22.2 x 0.08 %, or 1.77%, to the overall BREEAM rating of the building.


Cyclists facilities, or the transport section as a whole, do not form part of the minimum standards required for a BREEAM “very good” rating.


Of the two credits available, one can be achieved by specifying compliant cyclist facilities in the design specification of the building. This is independent of the second credit available.


To achieve BREEAM compliant cyclists facilities, a number of criteria need to be fulfilled. In summary, these are:-

  1. Sufficient number of compliant cycle parking spaces – the number required depends on the type and usage of the building.
  2.  Where cyclists facilities are provided for staff members, 2 of 3 facilities below must be available
    1. Shower(s) – as a guide one for every 10 cycle spaces (these need not be dedicated showers for cyclists)
    2. Changing facilities and lockers
    3. Clothes drying facilities
  3. The cycle storage facilities should be covered to protect from the weather.
  4. Cycles are secured within spaces in racks.
  5. The racks and covered area are set in or fixed to a permanent structure (building or hardstanding)
  6. The distance between each cycle rack must allow for appropriate access for bikes to be stored and accessed. (Note the spacing requirement of 1000mm present in BREEAM 2008 is no longer required in BREEAM 2011.)
  7. The facilities are viewable or overlooked from an occupied building or main access to the building.
  8. Adequate controlled lighting must be provided.
  9. The cycle racks are within 100mtr of the building (ideally 50 mtr)


In conclusion, exact cycle stand spacing distance is no longer specified in the BREEAM standard, and the contribution to the building BREEAM rating of the cyclist’s facilities is minimal, even if fully compliant.


Please note that this information is given in good faith by The Shelter Expert as our understanding of the currently available information from the BRE guidance notes. This information is not complete and exhaustive, and it is recommended that BRE guidance note TRA03 is consulted for complete information, and to confirm the relevance of any part of the information to the particular circumstances of any individual project or installation.